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So finally, we have some good news to share with you.

We have managed to back both the bank and the Council into a corner and secured a mortgage AND got planning permission to convert the existing cafe building into an apartment. 

Choices....choices !!!!

All the aggro could have been avoided if anybody at the large organisations WOULD SIMPLY LISTEN TO A SOUND ARGUMENT AND ADMIT THEIR POLICIES AND CRITERIA ARE CRAP !

Can we also be clear that ALL the local politicians of all colours have also been DEVOID OF IDEAS AND PASSION and have been UTTERLY LACKLUSTRE. No wonder the country is in a mess.

The RICS (Surveyors) have been equally complicit; lacking independence & integrity and simply ceding any claim to be a reputable profession.

All the local mortgage brokers were simply apathetic, but luckily we had contact with a couple from East Lancashire who were tenacious and unwavering in their support.

That and our determination and refusal to accept being 'gaslit' eventually prevailed. 

It must be said that all the support offered by you people in signing the petition and offering suggestions proved invaluable, especially when you feel all those in power are discrimating against you.

However, on more positive notes our plans for 2023 are to look at creating a 'pop up' version of the Green Finch Café.

We based this on the thinking that though we have a mortgage for the next few years, THE DINOSAURS AT THE BANKS may well throw up the same issue when we next remortgage.

We have also lost our staff and sold some of the equipment in response to trying to find a way through.

The current cost of living and energy crisis will also effect many small businesses and trying to build the cafe back up to where it was might be more difficult in the current climate.

So we have started fitting out an area already and have plans to work on over the autumn & winter to look at offering the 'pop up' Green Finch in Spring 2023.

The location is great. The coffee (& tea) will be good. The food will be varied & vibrant. And we've ordered lots of sunshine too.

Once again big, big thanks for your support. It makes a big difference knowing people are interested and behind you.

We will keep you updated via the café website 
and on our Facebook page.


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